With longer hair in the front, and shorter hair on the back and sides, the quiff hairstyle is good jumping off point for a host of different looks. Here's how to sculpt it into a sweeping, vertical look that will stay in place all day long.

Quiff Hairstyle Requirements

• You'll need longer hair in the front and shorter hair on the back and sides.
• Ask your barber for a number three on the sides (between a quarter and half an inch) and leave it long and textured on top.
• Have the barber leave enough length so your hair bows instead of sticking straight up.

How to Style a Quiff

1. Start by blow drying your clean, wet hair. This will add height and volume. While drying, direct hair in the direction you want it to fall, starting at the root. Blow it straight up and back.
2. A brush or comb will help tease the hair higher.
3. For an old-school pompadour, use a traditional pomade, but for a more modern look with a matte finish, try a cream pomade hybrid. This will offer hold and texture without excess shine.
4. Use a dime-sized amount of product and warm it between your hands.
5. Apply starting from the back, moving forwards on your head. Evenly distribute product throughout.
6. Work the product in starting at the root, running to the ends for texture.
7. A second pass with your hairdryer after product application will give the quiff even more definition and volume.
8. For extra hold, you can do a final pass with some hairspray.

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