Not sure how to tie a bow tie? It's simpler than you may think, though it can seem daunting if you’re accustomed to the loops of a standard necktie knot. Use our video tutorial to master this technique, and then you can finally ditch the clip-on.

How to Tie a Bow Tie:

1. Cross the right side over top of the left side.

2. To tie the first knot, push the end that is now on your left side under and pull through.

3. Take the end on your left side and fold it on top of itself into a half-bow.

4. Hold the half-bow in place with your finger as you pull the other piece from the right, on top of it.

5. Take the two outer corners of your half-bow and pinch them together, enclosing the drape you just made.

6. Find the area between the drape and the half-bow. It will be a hole right by the top of the band.

7. Push the loose end through the hole, center first, so that it folds into a second half- bow.

8. Wiggle and adjust the bow tie to make sure it is straight and even.

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