Mean Girls

10 Lessons We Learned from Mean Girls

It's hard to believe that ten years ago—long before 30 Rock, Bossypants, and her role as killer co-host at the Golden Globes—Tina Fey penned Mean Girls, one of the funniest movies about high school we've ever seen. If you're a longtime fan like us, then you probably quoted the movie today (because, hello, "On Wednesdays we wear pink.") Here, ten of the other gems we picked up from Regina George and the gang.

1. Beware of girls with big hair (they hold the most secrets).
At least according to kohl-eyed Janis Ian. Dolly Parton (and we here at Birchbox) have another theory.

2. Never fake dumb just to get a cute guy's attention.
Just like Cady Heron, who asks her crush Aaron Samuels to help with her math homework, you'll end up with F's.

Mean Girls Swedish

Mean Girls Regina

3. Never trust a Swedish nutrition bar.
Think twice before accepting any foreign so-called weight loss food, especially if the list of ingredients is harder to pronounce than an Ikea catalog.

4. You can pull anything off as long as you do it with confidence.
After having holes strategically cut into her tank top, Regina struts through the girls' locker room with enough swagger to spark a wave of copycat fashionistas. Lesson learned: Own what you wear.

Mean Girls Cheese Fries

Mean Girls Cheese Fries

5. When in doubt, just order cheese fries.
Even if you're on a mission to "lose three pounds," real friends would never throw shade on your craving for disco fries.

6. When cleaning up after a house party, remember to take the vases back out from under the sink.
After making this rookie mistake following a weekend rager, Cady ends up on house arrest. Thankfully we saw this movie in time to learn from her misfortune.

Mean Girls Hospital

Mean Girls Prom Scene

7. Always look both ways before crossing the street.
After Regina's untimely accident—so close to prom!—we'll never cross the street again without making sure it's clear of speeding school buses.

8. Some people will always be known by their first and last names.
Regina George. Gretchen Weiners. Janis Ian. Notice a trend? From the popular "plastics" to the unknown outcasts, you will always remember your high school classmates' names just as they appeared in your yearbook.

Mean Girls Regina George

Mean Girls Janis

9. Hair always looks sexy pushed back.
But seriously, don't you think that Aaron's hair looks sexy pushed back?

Mean Girls Sexy Pushed Back

Mean Girls Sexy Pushed Back

10. Fetch is most definitely not going to happen.
Ten years later, that's still the case.

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