10 Wise Gems from Rachel Zoe’s Newest Book

Oversized hat. Sunglasses. Long, flowy skirt. Sky-high heels. Insane jewelry. Sound familiar? Whether or not you’re her biggest fan, there’s no arguing that stylist/designer/reality TV star Rachel Zoe has established a style all her own. This month, she brings her fashion and lifestyle advice to the masses with her second book Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour. In it, Zoe dishes on how to incorporate your personality into all aspects of your life, from your clothing and makeup to your home and entertaining. Now a mom, she also had a lot to say about self-acceptance and growing up. Here, some of her most memorable words of wisdom:

On beauty and aging:

“You might think you need to use more makeup as you get older, but the opposite is true. I wear half as much [makeup] now as I did when I was a teenager.”

On taking fashion risks:

“Fashion should be thrilling and unpredictable and fun. If you’re cultivating your signature look, enjoy every ounce of experimentation.”

On unplugging:

“With technology so mobile today, it’s easy to snuggle up next to your phone and check your messages in the middle of the night. Don’t do it. Trust me, you don’t want to feel anxious or frustrated in bed because of a work situation.”

On birthdays:

“If you’re on the fence about whether or not to make something into an occasion, I say go for it. You never want to regret a missed opportunity to make a lasting memory—for yourself and for the people you love.”

On self-acceptance:

“Perfection has never appealed to me—especially when it comes to beauty. What you perceive as an imperfection can actually become an accent.”

Rachel Zoe Living in Style

On one of her many style icons, Iman:

“Iman and I first bonded over our shared obsession with the disco era and that decade’s unabashed celebration of chic. No one rocks a metallic jumpsuit like this multitalented woman, I swear to you.”

On the importance of hats:

“Hats are such an easy shortcut to chic. When a woman walks into a restaurant in a great ivory linen suit with a jaunty Panama, everyone stops and looks her way. It feels almost cinematic.”

On taking on new challenges:

“My personal career advice is that fear can be a wonderful motivator. Once you feel complacent or too comfortable, find a new hurdle.”

On finding a uniform:

“The idea of a uniform may sound drab to you, but it’s actually the best-kept secret of every stylish woman.”

On home decor:

“I love to see a scattering of shoes on bookshelves. A pair of vintage Ferragamo wedges used as bookends? Adorable!”

Photo: Jason Colt

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