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10 Beauty Tricks to Make Life Easier

We wouldn’t normally throw MacGyver and makeup together in a sentence. But with these genius beauty tricks, even the 80s king of the resourceful workaround would have to tip his hat. From the hidden powers of deodorant to the surprise item that prevents mascara dots on eyelids, these 10 hacks will save time and get your favorite products to go the extra mile.

1. Prevent blisters

Before you put on a pair of unforgiving shoes, rub clear deodorant on any part of your foot that tends to get squished (like your toes or heel). The extra layer will protect from blister-creating friction. Avoid sticks that don’t dry clear, though, as they can leave telltale white marks.

2. Soothe razor burn

Surprise! An unscented solid deodorant can also help calm razor-related inflammation. Be sure to wipe the stick down with alcohol before you apply, so you don’t spread any bacteria from your underarms to more sensitive areas of skin.

3. Reinvigorate lip gloss

When your favorite tube of gloss is reaching its final days, place the closed tube in a cup of warm water for 10 minutes. The heat will melt any product that’s gotten stuck to the sides, giving you an extra few applications.

4. Heal dry cuticles

If your cuticles and hangnails are getting out of control, skip the usual hand cream and reach for a lip balm instead. A healing formula, like Air Repair’s Rescue Balm, can help bring dry, ragged skin back to life.

5. Respond to a 911 brow call

You can tame unruly brows in a pinch with lip balm too. The tacky texture of the formula will grab errant hairs so you can reshape them as needed. Pro tip: Just like brow wax, a little goes a long way. Dab on a small amount first, and add more as you go.

6. Stand down, static

Cold weather and dry indoor heat can lead to some epically bad static cling. If you’re looking a little Einstein-esque, run a dryer sheet over your hair to smooth down.

7. Whiten yellow nails

Clear away polish stains with (drum roll please)—denture tablets! Drop two tabs into warm water and let them dissolve, then soak your fingertips for five minutes. Make sure to follow up with vitamin E oil on both your cuticles and nails to help moisturize.

8. Blemish be gone

If a pimple pops up and you're sans spot treatment, grab an aspirin. The pill's anti-inflammatory properties (its key ingredient is a close relative of salicylic acid) will reduce swelling and redness while helping to exfoliate. Crush into a powder, add a small amount of water to create a paste, dab onto any spots, and wash off after a few minutes.

9. Cut down on mascara clumps

Place a business or credit card against your lid and behind your lashes as you apply your mascara. The card will shield your eyelid and allow you to swipe more firmly, which means you can actually coat each individual eyelash.

10. Shine your jewels

Use toothpaste to clean your oxidized jewelry. Take a dollop of white paste (not gel) and scrub any questionably colored sections with a tissue. For gems, take an old toothbrush and gently buff. Cleanse with warm water and voilà—shiny and new.

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