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April 19, 2022

10 Ways to Reset for Spring

Do you feel it?! After a long winter, spring is bringing back our verve. For us, the start of spring feels more like a new year than NYE. And while we love the warm, gorgeous days we thought would never come, the dreary ones give us a chance to reset before life moves faster.

For inspiration on how you can upgrade your wellness this season, we've compiled some of our favorite reset tips for spring:

1. Cook a new recipe with seasonal foods
Bonus points if you share it with friends. Check out sources like the Seasonal Food Guide app that tracks the freshest local crops near you.

2. Clean
We won't tell you to upend every piece of furniture for hidden dust bunnies (though kudos if you do), but spring cleaning does have a place: It helps you recharge your mental space. Start small with just one cabinet or drawer. Find what organization methods you can realistically stick to then go from there. Because as Marie Kondo said, "From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life."

3. Add a pop of color to spark joy
There's a reason spring flowers make us smile: Color is powerful. Bring some color to your beauty routine with vibrant lips, unexpected eyeshadows, or a kiss of bronzer.

4. Reflect: Gratitude + Goals
For a journal entry that ties together your past, present, and future, write about gratitude and goals. What are you proud of from this past year? What are you thankful for today? Then, look forward. Think of the goals you want to achieve and write down small, achievable steps to help reach them.

5. Change it up
Even when we cant see it day by day, we're always growing. So, reflect that energy by trying something new. Whether it's a fresh perfume, hairstyle, or the cat-eye you never realized you could rock, the novelty will remind you of your awesome evolution.

6. Find movement you love
Reclaim exercise your way and ditch the punishment mentality. Physical benefits aside, movement of any kind helps your brain produce some feel-good chemicals. Learn how you love to move and work it into your days – post-meeting dance breaks encouraged.

7. Set your alarm to a pump-up song
Beat waking up on the wrong side of the bed with your favorite song. Again, dancing encouraged.

8. Hydrate
Not to be boring, but this one counts. Because 64% of our skin is composed of water, we need hydration to keep it glowing. Carry a reusable water bottle with you until it's second nature. And feel free to make it yummy: mix in an electrolyte powder, trade still water for sparkling, infuse with fresh fruit, or try an herbal tea.

9. Exfoliate – then nourish
Think of it as spring cleaning for your skin. Gentle scrubs or masks help slough off dead skin, keeping our pores clean and primed for healing creams and serums. Try a chemical exfoliant like AHA/BHA, or pick an exfoliating cleanser. Remember: Limit exfoliating to twice a week, and be sure to nourish your skin with hydrating products after.

10. Plan an event
Nothing boosts our mood like something to look forward to. The occasion? Fun for its own sake. From a solo night out to a picnic with your girls, organize the details then get ready for an incredible time.

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Jac Wray

While a self-described social butterfly, I find empowerment in my independence. Taking myself on a spur of the moment solo vacation, dinner dates to new restaurants or parts of the city where my company is solely the characters in the book I bring, visiting the local bar and getting to know the bartenders over a glass of wine… or 3. I find that intimate moments with myself leave me feeling brave, confident, and empowered to take on the world without depending on anything else as a buffer. It also gives me time to reflect, plan, journal and explore new places at my own pace.