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11 Stylish Films Referenced in Alexa Chung's New Book

Have you checked out Alexa Chung's debut, It? Less a full-fledged autobiography and more a stream-of-consciousness scrapbook, the 192-page book is a superlight read (I finished it in one sitting) filled with cool imagery and Chung’s classic brand of comic relief. My favorite moment is when she reveals all the films that have inspired her style and beauty, which unintentionally produces the ideal Netflix list.

So if you plan on vegging out for the next few days—hooray for holidays!—here are eleven It girl-approved movies to curl up with, in order of appearance in the book. Whether you’re looking to cop Edie Sedgwick’s liner-rimmed eyes, or Wednesday Addams’ Peter Pan collar-perfection, you’re sure to find inspiration in this list. Each flick includes Chung's witty commentary and a link to view a clip. Enjoy!

Annie Hall (1977): "The first film character I truly fell in love with because of the way she dressed was Annie Hall […] Her femininity, mixed with tomboyish silhouettes and scruffy thrown-together looks, is something I still reference heavily now. I love the seventies dork glasses, the striped men's shirts, the great tweed jackets and frilly Victorian tops she mixes together so well."

Empire Records (1995): "[Liv Tyler's] schoolgirl kilt with cropped mohair jumper and heavy man boots just looks perfect. I love the proportions, I love how it is childish but also deliberately alluring."

Lolita (1962): "Lolita is my favourite book. She's also my favorite character to reference when getting dressed in summer months […] I love her heart-shaped glasses."

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001): "Margot Tenenbaum's kohl-eyed, chain-smoking appearance in The Royal Tenenbaums. I love her side-parted bob and preppy Lacoste dresses."

Ciao! Manhattan (1972): "What can I say? Edie Bloody Sedgwick […] Sedgwick at her finest, in black tights, cropped hair (an ode to Warhol) and swinging leopard jacket." (P.S. Want to get Sedgwick’s dramatic eyes? Try an opaque, precise liner like Eyeko's Skinny Liquid Eyeliner.)

The Night Porter (1974): "My main interest is in the prissy-prim outfits [Charlotte Rampling] has on in the rest of the film. I love the pastel colours, the hair bands, the Mary Janes. So wrong it's right."

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (1982): "Brilliant…if you like an angry girl punk pre-cursor to riot grrrl, which thankfully I do. Check out the makeup, the hair, the clothes.

Léon: The Professional (1994): "In the same vein as Lolita but with a badass edge, Mathilda's tomboyish style was a stroke of genius. I love her choker, I love her bomber jacket, but most of all I love her attitude."

Heathers (1988): "The preppy waspy penny loafer and kilt combo is killer, Heather."

The Addams Family (1991): "Wednesday Addams was probably the first film character I saw to wear the Peter Pan collar. Match that with pigtails and gothy pale skin and she's pretty much my favorite style icon."

Une Femme Est une Femme (1961): "The dream. The sailor outfit [Anna Karina] has on before stripping down to perfect lacy sixties underwear. The raincoat and red tights combo […] Whenever I watch this film I spend the whole time taking photos of the screen. I just want to be her."

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