3 Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Flower Arrangement

There is nothing lovlier than sprucing up your home with a fresh bouquet. But buying cut flowers from the market or local grocery store can be a little intimidating. How do you arrange everything in a vase to do the stems justice? Since getting a bloom to look nice on display isn't all that easy, we decided to use Classtivity and book a three-hour introductory course at the Flower School of New York.

The session was taught by Meredith Waga-Perez, the founder of Manhattan's renown Belle Fleur. The entrepreneur had built a flower empire second to none here in New York, and it was incredible to hear her speak about her business's story and success. While we took away many tidbits from the mini bootcamp, here are the three basics that everyone should keep in mind when arranging flowers.

Use Tape

This is probably the best new trick we picked up. Waga-Perez encourages making a grid across the top of the vase using floral tape prior to adding any flowers. "If you don't use tape, the flowers just fall messily on top of one another," said the master florist. We were amazed at how the tape helped the arrangement come together. Instead of being haphazardly strewn about, the stems were organized into quadrants that really helped to create a much more attractive grouping.

Add Mint

The smell of fresh mint is incredibly uplifting and Waga-Perez loves adding the herb to her blooms. It was especially helpful during the class because we were arranging with tree peonies that—while gorgeous—didn't smell all that great. The aroma of mint totally offset their odor.

Change Water Daily

This was perhaps the most surprising tip: You should completely change the water for your flowers each and every day. That doesn't mean adding more water into the vase—it means dumping everything out and starting fresh. But how do you keep your pretty arrangement intact? According to Waga-Perez, you don't. "I encourage people to take everything out and start over the next day, that’s part of the fun." And here we thought that florists would be horrified if to see anyone tinkering with their creations—it turns out, that's exactly what they want!

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