No Time to Spray Tan? Caudalie’s Divine Legs Has Got You Covered

If you’re a regular Birchbox Magazine reader, you know that I am a proud daily SPF user. And while I don’t believe in tanning for real (hello, sun damage), I very much appreciate a good faux glow. Especially in the summer before weekend jaunts to the beach or heading off to a wedding, I always try to make time to get a spray tan.

Last summer, however, a close friend of mine was getting married locally and I didn’t schedule time to get my go-to temporary color. To be fair, there was time, but given how you can’t shower with a spray tan for the first six hours while it’s developing, getting one wasn’t an option on this particular occasion. A little panicked (ok, desperate), it was T-minus eight hours to the main event and I was pretty darn pasty. So I turned to my beauty cabinet—I am a beauty editor, after all—and the solution was staring me right in the face: Caudalie’s Divine Legs.

I know, it sounds weird to use a product for your legs all over your body. But I knew the formula went on easily and evenly to give my skin an immediate bronze hue. Best of all, it didn’t rub off on my clothes and it smelled, well, divine (go figure). While I was a little nervous to slather it all over—my fiancé was none too pleased when I asked him to apply to my back—I decided to throw all cosmetic caution to the wind.

Instantly, my skin was noticeably darker and it looked completely natural. Not a streak in sight, in fact. And as a result, I felt more confident, plus I didn’t have to worry about that annoyingly unpleasant post-spray tan smell. My only regret is that I didn’t layer on more of the product. The buildable color is a great attribute and I could have, in all honestly, used at least one more coat. For those of you looking for dependable insta-tan from a bottle (which, by the way, comes off easily with soap and water), Divine Legs is your best bet. Especially with summer on the horizon—you never know when you’ll have to glow on the go.

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