Gossip Girl Makeup Tips

Gossip Girl Makeup Tips

Lead makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti has been working with the “Gossip Girl” cast since the show’s first season back in 2007. The series, which airs Mondays 8/7c on The CW, is now in its fifth season and it continues to be a source of inspiration for stunning beauty looks. We sat down with the busy Tagliamoniti to talk about her brilliant, if unusual, mascara application technique, and how she expertly hides blemishes in front of an unforgiving HD camera.

Masking a Blemish

Some people like to start by doing eyes first, but I don’t. I like to make everyone’s complexion even so that I have a fresh canvas. That’s where concealer pencils come in. I use them before I put the foundation on. I’ll go over any blemishes or marks with the pencil, and then after foundation, I’ll use concealer on any extra spots or under the eyes.

Birchbox’s recommendation: Prime pimples with the flawless fix pencil from Laura Mercier, then finish off with a touch of concealer from Miracle Skin Transformer.

Scoring Lush Lashes

I usually apply mascara when the eyes are closed, but then you also tend not to get the base of the lashes. I use the wand first, and then if I don’t get all the areas that I want or the coverage that I’d like, I’ll go back in for touch ups with a flat makeup brush. This is a great trick especially for the people who have fairer eyelashes.

Birchbox’s recommendation: Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara, for an extra bold lash look that adds both volume and length.

Clearing the Clumps

I go through the mascara afterwards to make sure there are no clumps by using a metal eyelash comb. It can be dangerous, so you just have to be cautious while you use it.

Birchbox’s recommendation: Carefully brush out clumps with this metal lash comb by Royal and Langnickel.

Keeping Your Skin Clear

One of my best tips for everyone is to clean your makeup brushes. People don’t do it. When your brushes are clean, it helps your makeup go on better. Wash your brushes once a week, at night, so they’re dry for the next day. All you have to do is just shampoo them. I use baby shampoo on my soft brushes and alcohol for my concealer and foundation brushes.

Birchbox’s recommendation: Try an easy-to-use solution like this cleanser from Beauty Blender to gently clean sponges and brushes in one.

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