5 Reasons The Muppets Still Rule

Kermit, Miss Piggy and friends' latest cinematic foray, The Muppets Most Wanted, hits theather this weekend. Needless to say, we’re just a tiny bit excited to check in with wacky mistfits. Here are five reasons why we’re still crazy for them after all these years:

1. VIP Access to Hollywood’s Hottest Celebs

Whether they’re rubbing elbows with the First Lady or jamming with Ozzy Osbourne, the Muppets always hang with A-listers. With Kermit's contacts, the cameos in this movie are bound to be legendary (we hear Lady Gaga even makes an appearance.)

2. Fonzie Bear’s Timeless Knack for Acessories

Fashion trends come and go (see: zuba pants), but this fuzzy little bear stays true to his unique style. Rather than following the normcore status quo, Fonzie sticks to the basics: a brown pork pie hat and a polka dot necktie. Miss Piggy is no slouch in the fashion department, either. The blonde bombshell prefers to be outfitted by the legendary designer Vivienne Westwood.

3. They Can Still Hit the High Notes

From playful covers to heart-warming odes about self-acceptance, the Muppets have been turning out award-winning hits since the 1970s. Cementing their status as musical savants, famed diva Celine Dion recently said, “I’ve had the opportunity to sing with some of the greatest voices of all time—but none of them could compare to Miss Piggy.”

4. Miss Piggy Is Still A Boss

Long before #banbossy became a cause célèbre, Miss Piggy bucked traditional gender roles and pooh-poohed impossible-to-meet beauty standards. “I have to always bring my A game, so to speak, because people look up to moi. Everyone looks up to moi,” she said when asked about championing woman’s causes. Talk about girl power. Or should we say pig power?

5. They Always Give Us the Warm and Fuzzies

Despite their fame and success, the Muppets continually tug at our heartstrings with their positive, can-do attitude. Even co-star Ricky Gervais agrees: “The thing I love about the Muppets — and this is genuine — is that they’re optimistic. I love people who fail and get back up and brush themselves off and start again,” he recently said. For further proof of the gangs ability to melt your heart, just take a peek at this too-adorable video.

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

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