5 Dads Who Deserve to Win the Internet

While we love our dads for different reasons, there’s one quality we can all appreciate in the dads of recent viral video fame: goofiness. From a freestyling rapper to a dance floor hot stepper, here are the guys who’ve won us over, one YouTube view at a time.

1. The Beachfront Flipper

In a viral Instagram video posted by model Brooklyn Decker, her cousin and cheer coach Andrew Decker flips and balances his 2 year-old daughter for an impromptu performance on the beach. Is it weird to hope this is just a preview for the next Bring it On movie?

2. The Wedding Dancer

While you may think you’re about to watch a predictably sweet father and daughter sway to “My Girl,” this duo flips the script with a dancing journey through music history. Watch as this dad grooves his way from The Jackson 5 to the Stanky Leg—all without missing a beat.

3. The Ukelele Strummer

In an attempt to distract his 4 year-old from her obsession with (non-existent) fireworks, this father ropes her into a precious-as-can be duet of the old timey hit, “Tonight You Belong to Me.” Can someone please get these two a record deal?

4. The Cool Rapper

While we’ve been obsessed with a certain father-daughter lip synch video, this father and sons freestyle sesh does it one better by showing off some crazy flow. Yes, sir, you are a "cool dad."

5. The Birthday Surpriser

If anything can make up for your dad missing your birthday, it’s a huge present in his place. Watch as this little girl unwraps her "gift" and discovers the surprise of her life inside. We dare you not to tear up.

Who are your favorite dads of the Internet? Tell us in the comments below.

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