5 Moments from Scandal We’re Still Thinking About

During last night's mid-season premiere, Olivia Pope and her gladiators returned to the screen and we returned to our couches, wine and popcorn in hand. And there was absolutely no drama at all, right? Wrong. Here are the things that are still making our head spin:

A little bit louder now

As we predicted, POTUS and Ms. Pope reunited last night. But it was not the blissful moment in Vermont we may have hoped for. The two had a full on scream sesh in the Oval Office that resulted in, of course, some intense kissing.

Sally had an exorcism moment?

Sally’s new alibi for what happened the night of her husband’s death is less than believable. It seems as though when the devil left her body it hopped on over to her new campaign manager Leo, who was serving up supersized platters of drama last night.

Mellie is full of secrets

So we knew that the First Lady has some skeletons in her closet, and it seems we guessed right in our prediction about a new—or should we say old—love interest being introduced to the cast.

She’s not a man, man

We know Harrison has been more than tense with the anticipation of Adnan Sharif returning to the states. Last night we had a hand-over-mouth-moment when we saw that Sharif was a fierce lady and the OMG reaction only grew once the two started to get hot and heavy.

Poor Lauren has the hardest job in the White House

This may not be an holy smokes moment, but someone needs to give the President’s secretary a raise! We wanted to give a little head nod to her ability to handle the crazy with such discretion.

Sarah Wormser

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