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5 Reasons Why Your Skin is Freaking Out

One day your face is pristine and glowing, and the next you have a monster pimple or a suspicious red rash. We’ve all been there. Don’t assume it’s bad karma — there’s probably a simple explanation. Here, five reasons why your skin is acting up, and ways to calm things down.

It’s Really Dry

Seasonal changes bring drier air, but the unexpected skin-ruiner is actually your heater. While the extra warmth keeps you cozy, increased temperatures can suck moisture out of the air — and your skin. Use a humidifier (we like Crane’s brightly colored drop-shaped ones) to keep your space misty and cool.

You’re Stressed

When we’re tired, overworked, or anxious, our bodies produce the stress hormone cortisol. If present for too long, cortisol can lead to disrupted sleep, digestive problems, heart disease, and worsened skin conditions (a.k.a. the zit that just won’t go away). Take breaks, catch a yoga class, and get eight hours of sleep to keep yourself—and your skin—calm.

Your Diet Changed

If you’ve suddenly upped your intake of sugars, dairy, or fatty foods, your body may be having a hard time processing everything. Recent studies have shown that consuming both sugar and dairy can lead to overactive sebaceous glands, making skin extra oily. Also consider what you’re drinking: heavy boozing can cause dryness and dullness.

You’re Allergic

One in four women is allergic to something in her daily routine. Your face cream, shampoo, or even your laundry detergent could be causing redness, inflammation, or breakouts. Switch to an allergen-free detergent like The Laundress, which won’t leave behind any harsh chemicals. For skin, look for a brand that uses natural ingredients instead of synthetics. We love VMV Hypoallergenics, which omits the 76 most common allergens from its formulas.

Your Pillow Case

The oils from your hair and your face transfer to your pillow while you sleep and when these oils build up, they can clog your pores. Remedy that by swapping out your pillowcase every few days or laying a clean towel down before you go to sleep.

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