5 Unexpected Travel Tips for Austin

Known for its music, food, and laid-back attitude, Austin gave us everything from SXSW to Whole Foods. As if you weren’t already curious about this up-and-comer, here are five more reasons to pay a visit.

Merriest Music Venue: The Continental Club, a longstanding hub of swing and rockabilly. Strike up a conversation with one of the all-knowing bartenders—they’ve rubbed elbows with some legendary performers in their time.

Top Urban Hike: The Barton Creek Greenbelt—hiking, swimming, biking, and rock climbing central. If you’re hungry for a challenge, book a spelunking expedition into Airmen’s Cave.

Best Texas Barbecue: Franklin Barbecue, smoky nirvana that’s certainly worth the wait. You’re going to want to bottle their signature sauce yourself (and luckily, you can).

Coolest View: Mount Bonnell, a scenic park that stands 800 feet above the city. To reward yourself for the epic staircase climb, pack a picnic lunch.

Hot Rendezvous Spot: Spider House Café. While you’re sipping on artisan cocktails, the antique furniture and funky artwork will give you plenty to talk about.

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