6 Tips for Organizing a Thanksgiving Touch Football Game

You've seen it in movies. You’ve seen it in jeans commercials. And, yes, if done properly it really is that much fun. Getting the Turkey Day football game right is always one of our big to-do’s for November, because there’s no better way to work up an appetite before the big feast than with a classic all-ages game of pigskin. Here are a few ideas on how to execute this year’s front-lawn family bowl.

1. Get everyone involved, including children and older folks.
2. To avoid injury, two-hand touch is the way to go.
3. Play before dinner, not after. You don’t want to “go long” after eating your own weight in turkey.
4. It’s cold outside, so don’t forget the lip balm.
5. The youngest and oldest players on the winning team get the drumsticks.
6. No excessive celebration—it can awaken underlying family tension.

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

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