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June 6, 2021

9 Tips to Shiny, Glossy Hair

Get Personal with Your Scalp

Newsflash: your scalp is skin too. And, product build-up, dead skin cells, and environmental impurities can put a halt to your shiny hair goals. Gently remove any gunk with a foaming sugar scrub, like this one by NatureLab Tokyo, designed to help restore your scalp and maintain an environment where your hair can thrive. Plus, you cant be mad that its formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, which can absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight to secure moisture and add fullness to hair.

Try a Clarifying Shampoo

Over-shampooing often strips the natural oils out of your hair that help keep it healthy and strong.. But for times when you need to hit the refresh button (especially after a dry shampoo streak), a clarifying shampoo like Number 4 Lumiere dhiver Clarifying Shampoo rids hair of excess product buildup that blocks its shine (without harming your hair color). Those with curly or textured hair will appreciate Amikas Reset Pink Charcoal Scalp Cleansing Oil, an oil-to foam treatment, with a super-smart targeted nozzle tip designed to target the scalp.

Pump Hair with Moisture

Just like your skin glows when you apply your favorite moisturize, your hair also loves adequate moisture. Next wash day, incorporate a lightweight conditioner filled with nutrient-rich oils like avocado or olive oil that help smooth out the tiny cracks in the hair follicle that often contribute frizz and dullness. "A less porous hair shaft and smoother cuticle increases hair shine," explains Dr. Daniel Belkin of Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York. For extra sleekness, treat your hair to a hydrating mask like Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color once a week or as often as needed. Those who need extra damage control can reach for TGIN Miracle RepaiRX Deep Hydrating Hair Mask, a restorative treatment that also tackles shedding and breakage.

Blast It With Cold Water

OK, so we have to admit depending on who you ask this next tip can be seen as an urban hair myth. But, experts do confirm that a cold-water blast can help seal in shine and minimize excess frizz. Davide Marinelli, owner of [Davide Hair Studio](] adds a bit more context for us. "Next time you wash your hands with soap, rinse with hot water, and pay attention to how dry and chafed your hands feel afterward. Then, wash your hands again and rinse with cool water to find that they remain soft. Its the same idea when washing hair," he shares. "Cool water seals cuticles, which keeps your hair shaft laying down, resulting in shinier hair. Bonus: It keeps color in the hair longer, too," Marinelli confirms.

Invest in a Hair Oil

To repair and moisturize hair from the outside in, use a lightweight hair oil like Beauty Protector Protect & Oil that uses Argan Oil to add tons of luster without a greasy, heavy feel. A little bit on damp ends (or dry hair) goes a long way, remember 13 pumps is truly all you need.

Find the Right Brush (or Comb)

Detangling isnt always the most delightful task, but important nonetheless to minimize breakage and ensure products get distributed properly. Before reaching for your brush, start with a wide tooth comb (were partial to Number 4 Super Detangling Comb) working from the tip to the root. Finer, straight or wavy textures can follow-up with a brush as needed."Boar bristles are great for distributing your natural scalp oils all the way from root to tip," shares Marinelli. "And, if you use a round brush, you'll get more tension while blow-drying, which means more shine." We personally love the Spornette Italian Round Brush Collection (use a bigger brush diameter the longer your hair).

Finish Your Blow-dry on a Cool Setting

When it comes to drying your hair, going cool pays off. And, whenever possible air-drying can not only preserve your delicate strands but enhance your natural texture too. But skip out on rough cotton towels and upgrade to an Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban. A) It helps you dry your hair hands free 50% faster and B) It helps wick away moisture without disrupting the hair shaft/cuticle. When it comes to blow-drying, Marinelli has some key advice. "Rough-dry the hair 80 percent with a high heat setting, then brush to smooth and shape with medium heat. A brush should never touch sopping wet hair because thats when its at its most vulnerable to breakage and frizz," he shares "Dont forget to hit your hair with the cool button on your blow-dryer to set the shape and provide extra shine."

Get Shiny Hair While You Sleep

Consider adding a humidifier to your haircare arsenal it can help add extra moisture to dry strands while you chill out indoors. "Add mint, jasmine, or lavender oil drops to your humidifier while you sleep especially in cooler weather when hair gets dry and frizzy. It not only smells amazing, but it gives your humidifier an extra boost to combat the dryness in the air," says Marinelli.

Watch Your Diet

Healthy, shiny hair starts from within and a long-term commitment to a well-balanced diet. Whether you take a multivitamin or consume them through your food (iron-rich foods include leafy greens, fish, beets, beans, and meat), "consider a diet full of vitamin A, vitamin C, silica, and omega-3 fatty acids to support shiny hair growth," advises Dr. Belkin.

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Alexis Bridenbaugh