5 Things We Learned from Our July 2014 Videos

1. Snack on these healthy essentials for energy

You don’t need to suck down a sugar-packed energy drink to perk up. Nutrition expert and Women's Health contributor Keri Glassman shares five naturally energizing foods, some of which you may never even have heard of before (hello, Maca powder!)

2. Icelandic glacial water will wake up your eyes

If a trip to Iceland isn’t in your summer holiday plans, no worries. You can replicate the benefits of the isle’s legendary glacial pools by using Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. Loaded with Arctic botanical extracts, they reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines while working to brighten, firm, and soothe delicate undereye skin.

3. Beach waves aren’t just for ladies with long hair

Birchbox staffer and curl whisperer Megan Elliott shares her tips for creating beach waves with her short locks. Her secret? It’s all about switching up the way you wield your clip-less iron.

4. The Fouta towel is the new beach towel

Editorial Director Mollie Chen gives us a peek in her beach bag and introduces us to Foutas, thick towels usually found in Turkish baths. Made of natural fibers, they absorb water like a boss and come in gorgeous patterns.

5. Our Director of Social Media, Rachel Silver, is a product thief

In this incriminating Sneak Peek video, the Twitter fiend explains why she simply had to swipe a certain can’t-live-without product from our UK offices. Find out what it is!

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