By the Numbers: This Season’s Must-See TV Shows

From covert love affairs to major political backstabbing (we’re looking at you, House of Cards), this year's can't-miss shows were packed with plots twists and oh-no-she-didn’t moments. Before our favorites (temporarily!) go on summer hiatus, here’s a by the numbers recap of the crucial moments—in our opinion:

One. Glass of wine hurled this season on The Real Housewives of New York City. In a not-exactly-shocking turn of events, longtime RHONY cast member Ramona Singer threw a glass of her very own Pinot Grigio at new girl Kristen Taekman after she dared to splash her with water during an ill-fated camping trip. Lesson learned? Hell hath no fury like a Housewife with a deflated blowout.

Four. Duets belted-out by the talented crooners of Nashville. Though this season had its fair share of drama—Connie Britton’s Rayna James was put in a medically induced coma and (via a series flashbacks) realizes that Deacon might actually be the father of her child Maddie—the twang-filled musical couplings endured.

Eighteen. Impeccably sleek ‘dos Julianna Margulies rocked on The Good Wife. Her character, high-powered attorney Alicia Florrick, may have had to contend with NSA hacking and ballot box stuffing, but through it all her hair maintained impressive shine. Side note: We want in on whatever snake oil the Emmy award-winning actress is using. Seriously, does this woman ever age?

23.4 Million. Viewers who regularly tune into The Big Bang Theory. Proving that an old-fashioned ensemble comedy can still pull in a large audience, the show about four nerdy men and the women who tolerate them is the highest-rated sitcom since Friends.

Untold. Bottles of red wine consumed by Scandal’s Olivia Pope. Played by the radiant (and pregnant) Kerrie Washington, Liv faced a number of hurdles this season, among them getting tangled up with B613 and going head-to-head with the Pentagon. With all that presidential drama, we'll excuse at least a few of them.

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