How Harvey Prince Created a Heartwarming Mother’s Day Gift

While we all go to great lengths to impress our moms on Mother’s Day, you’d be hard pressed to outdo the thoughtful brothers behind Harvey Prince, whose creative gift-giving skills inspired one of their most beloved fragrances.

It all started in 2008, when the duo found themselves on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day present for their chic mom. Stumped as to where to find a gift worthy of her high style, the pair took matters into their own hands and created a bespoke fragrance just for her. The result? Harvey Prince’s Ageless Pink Grapefruits, a sophisticated mix of citrus notes and florals like jasmine.

Beyond its aromatic qualities, Ageless is also infused with a little science know-how: Olfactory studies have shown that when the fatty acids in our skin begin to break down, they emit a particular odor. The pink grapefruit and mango notes in Ageless counteract that smell, which is why they’re called the "olfactory antidote to aging.”

This year, skip a generic-looking bouquet and treat your mom to this ladylike scent instead. It's almost as sweet as creating an original perfume for her.

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