How Macadamia Oil Saved My Crazy Dry Hair

I have virgin hair—I’ve never dyed it, gotten a perm, or tested out keratin. Until recently, my product use peaked at shampoo and conditioner (if that even counts) and I would air-dry as often as possible. To me, a good hair day was when my strawberry-blonde strands looked really, really healthy. But when I got my first job out of college a few years ago—and started heat styling on a daily basis—good was not a word I’d use to describe my hair anymore.

It only took a few months for my hair to break, frizz out, and for my ends to split. So when my Birchbox arrived with a vile of Macadamia Professional’s Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment, I was intrigued, yet wary—I was afraid it would make my hair stringy and greasy. But I was desperate, so I rubbed in a few drops. Almost immediately, my hair had a healthy sheen and felt softer than it had in weeks.

And so began a beautiful relationship: The macadamia and argan oils, rich in fatty acids, nourished my hair’s cuticles, making them instantly shinier, softer, and surprisingly lighter, while vitamin E left my ends less brittle after using hot tools. It immediately became part of my post-shower ritual, and I’ve since added two more Macadamia products into regular rotation: I use the Nourishing Moisture Masque every Sunday night to give my hair a hydration boost before a long week of styling, and the Weightless Moisture Leave-In Conditioning Mist in the morning before blowing my hair dry or in place of conditioner when I’m in a rush.

In a few weeks, my hair was singing the praises of Macadamia Professionals to the tune of “Like a Virgin.” And I could proudly claim I had good hair again.

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