Misty Copeland Takes Center Stage

I think we can all agree by now that Misty Copeland is one fierce ballerina. After watching her in Under Armour’s new commercial—part of the brand’s “I Will What I Want” ad campaign that stars women only—I was struck not just by her athleticism but by her determination. As someone who grew up studying ballet, sweating through leotards during never-ending rehearsals and bashing my toes in point shoes, I was constantly told, “You have the wrong body for ballet.” Apparently so was Copeland, who didn’t fit the petite parameters set for dancers when she started at age 13. But the now 31-year-old soloist for American Ballet Theater disproves that with every leap and pirouette across the stage. Don’t take my word for it—watch her defy expectations (and gravity) here. Get ready to give her a standing ovation.

Photo: YouTube

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