Shailene Woodley: The next J. Law?

We didn't think any actress could trip her way into our hearts the way Lawrence has. And while Woodley hasn't taken an endearing tumble yet, she's quickly becoming our new favorite (pretend) teenage outlier living in a dystopian world. With the advent of her starring role in Divergent (a.k.a. the next Hunger Games), we're more convinced than ever that Woodley is bound for J. Law's level of fame. Here's why:

They're Critical Darlings

Lawrence already has an Academy Award under her belt (or, shall we say, her Dior gown) for her breakout role in Silver Linings Playbook, and Woodley received similar accolades (and a Golden Globe nod) for her role in The Decendants. It's only a matter of time before the two are battling it out for the Best Actress Oscar.

They Love Short Hair (and Don't Care)

Late last year, Lawrence wowed us with a cheekbone-skimming cut. Though Woodley originally chopped hers for her role in the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars, she continues to keep it refreshingly short, showing off a chic pixie at the Chicago premiere of Divergent.

They Aren't Afraid to Speak Their Minds

J.Law is endlessly quotable—seriously, here are no less than 60 examples of her outspokenness. Woodley doesn't mince words when it comes to her opinions, either. When discussing her role in The Spectacular Now, she didn't hesitate to voice her thoughts on stereotypes. On monogamy, she's says, "I don't even know if humans are genetically made to be with one person forever." Tell it like it is, ladies.

They Go for the Same Parts

Rumor has it that Woodley auditioned for the Katniss role before Lawrence landed it. But we're happy to see that each leading lady will have the chance star in her own rebellion.

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment; Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

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