The Birchbox Weekender

Since we know how crazy-busy Monday through Friday can be, we’d like to take a little pressure off the stressful question of how to spend this weekend. Here are a few particularly entertaining things we think you’d like to partake in:

Celebrate with an All-American Dessert

The strawberry shortcake is pretty much as American as George Washington himself—and the perfect way to say hello to summer this Memorial Day weekend. Try out this recipe to create the irresistible donut version.

Upcycle Your Bouquets

Much to our delight, warmer weather means flowers everywhere. Sadly it also means they wilt fast. Extend the life of your bouquets by transforming the blooms into natural dyes and other things with these Design Sponge DIY projects whimsical wreath or press them for some bohemian art pieces.

Dive into a Chilling Thriller

Still on the hunt for the next Gone Girl? Check out Bustle's list of books with major twists and brace yourself for fateful Spring Breaks and dystopian medical mysteries.

Rethink Your Wedding Mani

As the season gets into full swing, choosing the right manicure is almost as important as finding the perfect dress. Play around with these untraditional polish ideas whether you’re the one walking down the aisle or attending.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

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