A Cream For Keeping Skin Clear in Between Blemishes

I’ve spent enough time in dermatologists’ offices to know that getting great skin is really hard work for most people. It took me an eternity (read: several years) to land on a routine that works for my skin. Now, a huge part of that routine is about maintaining my blemish-free skin and working towards a clear, scar-free complexion. One of the best over-the-counter tools that I’ve found to help with this is Evologie’s Stay Clear Cream, which some of our members will get to try in their October Birchboxes.

Stay Clear Cream is both a moisturizer and an acne fighting treatment. Gentle enough to be used daily, but incredibly effective, this formula doesn't dry out skin (the way that other acne banishers do). Aside from my favorite clear-skin ingredient, salicylic acid, the cream also contains licorice extract to help prevent scarring and pigmentation. But perhaps the best part of this product is the brand's patent-pending YS3 COMPLEX™, which they describe as a “trans-epidumal absorption enhancer”—basically just a fancy way of saying that it absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and smooth. I personally love that it sinks right in because last thing I want is to feel like I have an acne treatment on my face all day. I've been incorporating this cream into both my morning and night routines, and I'm convinced my skin is clearer because of it.

Would you use a double duty moisturizer to fight acne?

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