A Cure for the Common Frizzy Curls

Confession: I was a devoted gel user for years (try to restrain your snickering.) As much as I liked the way my curls looked, the green gunk I used would build up in my hair like Nickelodeon Slime—and everything I touched after applying it would take on an emerald tinge.

So I was beyond grateful when I discovered Curly Hair Solutions’ Curl Keeper, which will be making an appearance in some of your March Birchboxes. The formula for this featherweight styling serum is water-based, so it doesn’t cause that dreaded sticky residue.

Even better, the serum defines and de-frizzes ringlets without making them feel stiff and crunchy (another common issue with many gels.) I raked a quarter-sized amount through sections of my hair, from root to tip, reveling in how it didn’t weigh my curls down at all. Then I let it sit for about 15 minutes—the more time you can let it sink in before touching, the better. After it dried, I scrunched in a dollop of the Curly Hair Solutions’ Tweek—a hairspray in cream form—to tame my flyaways.

The result? My normally temperamental curls stayed in place for hours. Towards the end of the day, I dampened them to reactivate the formula before heading out on the town for a frizz-free evening.

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