A GIF Guide to Hair Spray

In the animated history below we look back at hairspray’s exhilarating highs and hilarious lows before demonstrating proper spray technique for the modern man.

It’s no surprise that men’s hair spray has fallen out of favor in the past two decades.


Tacky Raccoons

The volumizing powers of the old aerosol can have been historically favored by the likes of ‘80s hair metal bands, ‘90s Country Music Award recipients, and your mom (probably). The evidence:

rock star


big hair


dolly parton


joan cusack


one direction


Men have all but completely abandoned it in favor of techniques unburdened by cultural baggage (and chemical-induced lightheadedness.) And yet, the benefits of hairspray have never wavered. In fact, technology has taken the toxic, hissing canisters favored by the members of Poison squarely into the 21st century.

TOWELDRY's Spray Styler is a great example of this innovation. It’s a water-soluable formula made especially for men, and offers the volume, fullness, and flexible styling without any excess weight (or contact high).


The trick with the hairspray of 2013? Don’t use it to cement an already completed hair sculpture—use it to texturize and shape your locks. Here are three easy steps:

• Start with clean dry hair. Fresh out of bed is fine.


• Spray the Spray Styler about 6 inches from your target while using your other hand to invite the product into unexposed areas.


• Got it?


• Use your fingers to tousle your hair into a heightened care-free look while the spray works its magic.


• Proceed to look and feel completely awesome. You’re a part of a proud tradition of spray styling—but you’re also on the forefront of a new styling era all its own.


Be sure to tell your friends how you achieved such a light and natural hair texture (they’re bound to ask). Spread the word about hair spray’s second renaissance and you’ll help hair spray earn the redemption it deserves.

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