A Holy Trifecta of Curl Tamers

When it comes to curly hair, you can never have enough products. But they have to be the right ones. Miss Jessie’s knows exactly what we’re talking about. We’ve long relied on the brand’s line of spiral, ringlet and frizz-taming tools, so we were beside our curly selves when they announced three new styling potions: Transitioner’s Magic, Coily Custard and Multicultural Curls.

Cofounders Titi and Miko invited a group of our NYC Birchbloggers to their Soho salon to learn how to use the new products. Before we share what they had to say, one word of caution from Sage of SageBeauty Blog: “I must warn you that these products are innovative, highly effective, and will probably change your life if you have curly hair.”

The new product: Coily Custard
The Birchblogger: Sage, Sage Beauty Blog
In her words: “Coily Custard is a great product for someone who has a very tight curl. It has coconut oil to hydrate, and helps prevent shrinkage and frizz while providing lots of shine. It is lightweight and non-sticky with a fresh scent. Your curls will be elongated and defined. Miko’s magic hands worked like lightening on her models, applying in sections with her hands. You can either let your hair air-dry or dry with a diffuser.”

The new product: Transitioner’s Magic
The Birchblogger: Melissa, Sweet Styles By Melissa
In her words: Transitioners Magic! Magic it is! Here is a before picture of my curls. I just used a little conditioner and a curl cream. As you can see here my curls were undefined and dry. Transitioners Magic defined my curls and even curled my unruly ends! I didn't even diffuse my hair and my curls were poppin! If you’re anything like me and have heat damage or any kind of damage on your curls, Transitioners Magic is a must try!

The new product: Multicultural Curl
The Birchblogger: Esta, Living Fiesta
In her words: “The Branch sisters found they’re not the only people with multiple cultures that make up their DNA, [and] they’re not the only girls with multiple curl patterns on their heads. Multicultural Curls therefore caters not necessarily to women of mixed backgrounds, but people with mixed textures on their heads. [The product is] light enough to work with thinner strands but thick enough to tame denser areas.

Which product are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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