A Love Letter to Julia Louis Dreyfus

This is no girl crush—it's time to admit that I have a full-on woman crush on the Seinfeld curse-breaker and star of HBO’s Veep (the new season premieres this Sunday.) How do I love her? Oh, let me count the ways:

1. She not only manages to make slinging insults about the White House hilarious, the real VP actually called to congratulate her when she won an Emmy.

2. She made fellow award winner Tony Hale carry her purse during her acceptance speech for said Emmy.

3. She isn't afraid to have an appetite.

4. The 52-year old actress is seemingly aging in reverse. Seriously, how good did she look at the Globes?

5. She had an ‘upspeak’ battle with Jimmy Kimmel—and crushed it.

6. She (and James Gandolfini) made me happy-cry while watching Enough Said on a plane (usually it is more of an ugly cry at that altitude.)

7. Elaine Benis still has the best worst dance moves ever.

Photo: drake-ramoray.tumblr.com

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