A Powerhouse Product That Tackles Everything From Wrinkles to Sunburn and Smells Good to Boot!

I have a beauty confession to make: As someone with sensitive, acne-prone skin, who’s also pretty skincare lazy, I’m always loathe to add a new product to my routine that may a) frighten my skin into breaking out and b) delay my already late bedtime. This fear of disturbing my delicate epidermis can be hard to reconcile with my beauty junkie side. So when a product comes along that promises to hydrate, help fade my acne scars, and treat sunburns, there’s nothing to do but dive in and pray that the consequences aren’t that bad.

Luckily for my skin, this mystery product—Whish’s Coconut Milk Correcting Gel—actually does what it says without causing mass hysteria on my face. I’ve started applying it to my face and neck before bed and the rich gel sinks in right away, leaving only a pleasant, beachy, coconut milk fragrance behind. Manuka honey in the formula helps lessen acne scars over time while green tea and acai berry extracts moisturize and protect skin from free radicals. Best of all, the gel is especially good for skin that’s had too much exposure to the sun. Aloe and seabuckthorn extract help repair skin to a pre-sunburn state. It even feels slightly cool while you’re putting it on, and it’s perfect for soothing areas you may have missed with your sunscreen.

Excitingly, some of you will be receiving the Whish Coconut Milk Correcting Gel in this month’s Birchbox! Hopefully it helps you make the most of your skincare products and protect your skin from breakouts, wrinkles, and sunburn, too.

Have you ever tried Whish's correcting gel? Let us know in the comments!

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