A Scent to Connect You With the Yogi Within

Somewhere between the first downward dog and the final shavasana at a yoga class, I always start to get antsy. My gaze shifts from my outstretched arm to the ticking watch on my wrist and the questions start racing through my mind: What will I make for dinner? What work do I have left to tackle? What’s going on this weekend?

My point? Even in yoga class, it can be tough to relax. Hoping to connect with my “inner peace” (whatever that is) I decided to test out Harvey Prince’s Yogini—a calming tonic of sandalwood, grapefruit, and Egyptian myrrh—which some of you will find in your April Birchboxes. A longtime fan favorite (seriously, check out the reviews, the scent is elegantly earthy, with lingering hints of amber, incense, and star jasmine to round out its relaxing vibe.

Lately I've been starting the workday with a spritz of this light scent, making a point to give my wrists a quick sniff throughout the day, each one a reminder to calmly inhale and exhale whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed. While I can’t say I’ll make it back to a vinyasa class anytime soon, at least I can connect with my inner yogi whenever life seems to move too fast.

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