A Skincare Superhero and Its Equally Powerful Sidekick

We all have a product in our makeup bag or on our vanity that has acted as a gateway to a brand’s awesomeness. What better way to get addicted to a new moisturizer or lip gloss than through one of your current faves? This new column is based on that defining beauty principle—we’ll be introducing you to the fantastic sister products to the ones you already love. First up: Marcelle’s fan favorite BB Cream and the lesser known but equally amazing New Age 8-in-1 Power Serum.

Why we know you love Marcelle’s BB Cream

This is not a take-our-word-for-it type of situation—though we have voiced our undying devotion to this BB’s flaw-masking coverage and silky formula. You’ve told us repeatedly how much you rely on this hydrator’s lightweight texture and staying power (seriously, just look at the reviews . But you might not know that the cream is chock full of soothing ingredients like aloe vera leaf extract, glycerin, and wild chamomile to tamp down irritation and brighten dull skin. Another reason we collectively love it? Unlike most BB creams, Marcelle’s line comes in a range of different shades, making it great option for women with darker skin tones.

Why You’ll Be Obsessed With the Serum Too

Much like Marcelle’s hero beauty balm, the anti-aging serum contains cutting-edge hypoallergenic ingredients that make it both gentle and effective. Its unique combination of peptides and amino acids amps up collagen production, boosts circulation, and reduces the look fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol, helps skin retain moisture, while natural aloe extra heals and rebuilds damaged skin cells. The mighty serum packs the same instant gratification factor as the BB cream, too—it only takes seven days for the formula to produce visible changes in skin quality. And it’s equally inclusive, because it addresses so many skincare concerns, from loss of elasticity to lackluster radiance.

Why You Should Combine Their Forces

These wonder products work equally well on their own. But we say, pair their superpowers for the ultimate smooth, glowing skin. The hydrating and priming serum instantly nixes surface dryness and rough patches, giving your BB a more even canvas and ensuring a seamless application. Even better? Both products do all of this without parabens or fragrance. It’s a beauty Megazord.

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