A True Birchbox Man: Kervin Hyacinthe-Germain

We first met Kervin Hyacinthe-Germain at our Movember event at Truman’s Gentleman's Groomers, and knew immediately that he had a good grooming story to tell: He served in the United States Marine Corps between 2001-2005, where he was deployed to Okinawa, Japan for the first two years and was then stationed at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC for the second half of his service. The military’s strict grooming standards presented challenges under some less-than-forgiving circumstances, so we chatted with the Brooklyn-based Birchbox Man subscriber about this experience.

BB Man: Who would you say is your style icon?

Kervin: I get my inspiration from other New Yorkers on the street. My own style is urban professional.

BB Man: How did your time in the Marines change your grooming routine?

Kervin: I became more conscious about grooming. We had to be clean-shaven and we were required to have haircuts every Monday. Also, it was necessary to have clean nails and hands, and maintain overall good hygiene. It was always expected, even when performing the dirtiest jobs. I may not be clean-shaven every day now, but the Marines have influenced me to hold my appearance with great pride.

BB Man: What do you think are some of the grooming challenges specific to deployed soldiers that others might take for granted?

Kervin: Every deployed soldier’s situation is different. Grooming is important, but it can take a back seat during deployment. Soldiers may be in harsh weather environments, and have to pack essentials. One challenge is attaining the necessary items to maintain their grooming rituals. Usually, guys in the military are between the ages of 19-24, and these young men are still developing, so many Marines are suffering from acne and can’t access adequate treatment. Many Marines suffer from severe razor bumps, and the option of using electrical shavers is just not feasible during deployment. Also, some soldiers have limited time constraints due to their unique missions or jobs and may not spend as much time as they would like on grooming. Still, deployed soldiers are held to the same grooming standards as non-deployed soldiers.

BB Man: How do you spend your free time now?

Kervin: I spend my spare time with friends, being social. I enjoy trying new eateries and exploring NYC. I also spend a great of time with my fiancé planning our upcoming wedding.

BB Man: What is the favorite thing you're received in your Birchbox?

Kervin: English Laundry’s Arrogant Cologne is my favorite.

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