Add a POP of Color to Your Fall Wardrobe with This Perky Lip Gloss

Now that store window displays are crowded with Halloween decorations, it’s no longer possible for me to deny: summer is o-v-e-r. My days of frolicking in sunshine in New York City’s many public parks are numbered.

Cue the wardrobe transition. In the past few weeks, my gray cardigans, brown leather boots, and black skinny jeans have all made an appearance. And while I enjoy sporting a sleeker silhouette with these fall staples, my color palette is at risk of looking rather…well, drab. Luckily, I found the perfect way to brighten my wardrobe (and my mood) in one step: POP Beauty’s Aqua Lacquer lip gloss, which some lucky subscribers will receive in their October boxes.

Ever since it landed on my desk, I’ve really taken a shine to this cheerful gloss. For one, the range of rosy hues instantly livens up whatever I have on. The sheer formula creates a high-shine look without being sticky, and once applied, stains my lips for the rest of the day. Plus, thanks to a nourishing infusion of jojoba oil and vitamin E, these pretty glosses are the perfect defense against chapped fall (and around the corner, winter) lips. The perky jolt of color just might be my best defense against S.A.D. this season—with the exception of a mid-January trip to somewhere tropical (I'm thinking...Hawaii?). One thing is for sure: No matter how dismal this winter gets, I intend to rock this gloss from the times the first leaves fall all the way until the snow thaws.

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