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Advice from the Ladies of Birchbox: Should a Man Strive for “Touchable” Hair?

Is “touchable” hair a cheesy shampoo commercial cliché or a truly crucial follicular standard that all men should shoot for? To find out we asked our female counterparts: How important is it that a guy has a head of hair through which you can run your fingers? Here’s their advice on avoiding hair that’s crunchy, crispy, greasy, grimy, glossy, or stiff.

“The best hair is styled, but doesn't look it. I love hair that looks soft, tousled, and has that ‘messy, just got out of bed’ feel to it. The product he uses should make his hair look like he put minimum effort into it—he can run his fingers through it when he is heading out of the office and the wind catches him at a bad angle. Just like with women, men should embrace their natural hair without trying to weigh it down with too many products.”
—Blair, Video Content Intern

“I hate when my husband puts anything in his hair that makes it coarse or crunchy. He has soft curls as long as he conditions it well. I also can't stand when a guy lets his hair get super greasy. Jared Leto's current locks always look dirty to me and I can't get past that.”
—Charlie, Photography Manager

“Whether it’s a military cut or a man bun, no style is off limits as long as it suits his personality. With that said, please PLEASE I beg you, do not load up on the stiff gel. It instantly gives most women PTSD-style flashbacks to awkward middle school dances.”
—Ally, Assistant Beauty Editor

“The key is finding a lightweight product that will give some structure without the texture. With a wax, you can also get the perfect tousled ‘do that looks effortlessly rumpled without looking like you just rolled out of bed.”
—Hilary, Editorial Intern

“Thankfully my main squeeze sports a buzz cut these days, but I'm no stranger to hair that feels like you could chip a tooth on it. If you're still styling your hair in any way remotely similar to the way you did at 14, put down the gel and back away slowly.”
—Molly, Lifestyle Merchant

“I never want to actually feel the product but I like when it has that salt-sprayed feeling like he just went swimming in the ocean. I'm a helpless hair twirler, and since twirling my own is apparently insufficient, I love when guys' hair is long enough so I can wrap tufts of it around my finger. It's very comforting/security blanket-ish for me.”
—Cristina, Senior Editor

“I'm a head-stroker, so I prize softness above all things. Doesn't matter if his hair is short or long—I just like to pet it, so I prefer that it's not sticky. I think guys tend to obsess over hair loss (understatement of the year?) but I really don't notice it. As long as there's some on the back of his head I'm a happy camper.”
—Amary, Copywriter

“Guys should have the perfect swoosh with just enough volume. Like Jason Sudeikis.”
—Brittany, PR Associate

“Use minimal product. It’s annoying when a guy's hair has the crunchy feeling and you can't run your fingers through it. When we're watching House of Cards I want to be able to snuggle without being afraid his hair is going to scratch my face.”
—Sandra, Manager, Email Marketing

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