Advice from the Ladies of Birchbox: What Men Should Avoid on Valentine’s Day

It’s impossible to get February 14th just right, so instead we’ve decided to focus on not getting it wrong. Luckily our sage female counterparts have no shortage of wisdom to share on the subject. We asked eight lady Birchboxers for their advice on what not to do this Valentine’s Day and the pointers we got are game-changing. Gentlemen, take notes.

“Don't make Valentine's Day a huge deal. When you really love someone you should find a way to show them that every day. Use the day as a way to practice this. Try cooking dinner or cleaning the apartment. Give her an unexpected surprise.” —Sarah, Social Media Associate

“Try not to obsess over making a grand, one-of-a-kind gesture. Be it flowers, candy, or just some good old-fashioned quality time, it's the thought that counts. If she enjoys your company, she'll enjoy a quiet dinner for two as much as any other activity—maybe more.” —Amary, Copywriter

“Don't get drunk! It might seem obvious, but when you couple the pressure to be romantic with a holiday dinner, plus drink deals…your evening will go from fun to sloppy faster than you can say 'You complete me.' Keep it simple, sincere, and stick to a 3-drink maximum.” —Ally Marie, Assistant Editor

“Don't let your significant other be the one person in her office without flowers on her desk. She might be all ‘I don't care about meaningless gestures that are perpetuated by convention’ but she didn't expect you to take her word for it!” —Molly, Lifestyle Merchant

“Don’t totally forget the opportunity for adventure. If she wants to go out, do your homework and look up events happening around town like shows, games, concerts, and new restaurants. You'll have something to talk about, and she'll love that you planned ahead.” —Jennie, Brand Campaign Strategy Associate

“Do not buy chocolates or lingerie.” —Rachel, Senior Manager, Social Media

“Don't give jewelry just because you think women like it. A couple things that would speak much louder than a random pair of earrings: a framed photograph of a favorite spot, or an actual, hold-it-in-your-hands book inscribed with a meaningful message. However, a necklace from a local designer in Buenos Aires, say, where she spent a semester abroad and dreams of returning to? That's jewelry we can get behind.” —Bene, Director of Editorial Operations

“No prix-fixe dinners, red roses, or anything else that doesn’t feel genuine. Be thoughtful!” —Mollie, Editorial Director

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