Airport Shopping Guide: Buy This, Not That

Seasoned travelers know that the key to surviving long delays or layovers is mastering the terminal map. What are the drink spots to hit, the food spots to avoid, and the kiosks with the best snack and magazine selection? While we can’t tell you the layout of every airport, we can tell you the healthiest and most cost-efficient products to pick up on the way to your gate.

Buy Bars, Not Chips

Terminal shops are notorious for their huge selections of candy bars, gum, and extremely salty nuts. When you stock up for your flight, skip the over-iodized bag of peanuts. Instead, look for a healthy granola bar, fresh fruit, and plenty of water. We like LUNA Bars because they taste good and have plenty of vitamins (including calcium, iron, folic acid, and Vitamin D) to keep us balanced on a long flight.

Buy Wipes, Not Hand Sanitizer Gel

There’s nothing like a few hours on a plane to make you feel downright grimy. Instead of drying hand sanitizer, pick up multi-purpose towelettes that you can use on your hands or face. CleanWell’s Hand Sanitizing Wipes are gentle enough to freshen up your hands and face mid-flight. We also love LaFresh’s Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes, which perk up sallow skin.

Buy Perfume, Not Deodorant

While the need to smell fresh is admirable, don’t immediately grab that over-priced stick of deodorant. Especially if you’re taking an international flight, the best buy in the Duty Free section (besides alcohol) is perfume. You’ll often get a better price—some spots discount up to 20 percent off regular domestic prices—especially on high-end fragrances like Dior’s Miss Dior or BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline. Occasionally shops also stock niche brands like Juliette Has a Gun (hello, Dubai Terminal 3!). And because you’re only allowed to pick up Duty Free purchases at the boarding gate, you won’t have to haul bottles through the terminal.

Buy Toothpaste, Not Gum

Gum may stop your ears from popping, but it won’t give you that clean feeling that actual toothpaste provides. Bring a mini tube of minty toothpaste for getting rid of that mid-flight sawdust taste. Plus, when it’s as cute as Marvis’ retro cool version, you won’t mind throwing it in your bag.

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