Birchbox Crush: Alisa Ng

Who doesn’t love going somewhere far away and bringing back a local treasure in the form a bag, jewelry, or a really fantastic piece of clothing? But even if you can’t jet, there are other ways to get your global fix. Traveler and shopper extraordinaire Alisa Ng’s website, L-Atitude, is dedicated to stylish finds from cities around the world so that anyone can score exotic locally-made pieces from the comforts of their own home. After less than a year in business, the site now covers nine different destinations, from Bogata to Mumbai, and carries everything from $10 bracelets to $3,000 dresses. We were able to catch up with Ng and talk to the e-commerce mastermind about her favorite destination, jet-setting necessities, and favorite foreign beauty find.

The Inspiration

I worked in finance for over a decade, and I always found myself craving a chance to travel and plan my next trip abroad. When I transferred to Morgan Stanley’s Hong Kong office, I traveled even more frequently in Asia and found truly unique fashion products that reflected the traditions and ethos of the cities I visited. It was during this time that I started scribbling bits and pieces of my business plan on the weekends.

Favorite Destination

I’m mesmerized by India and I still have so many more places there to discover!

Must-Have Products

I’m going to be honest: I was not blessed with perfect skin and am still battling break-outs. I’ve fallen in love with NUDE’s entire product line, and I also can’t live without EVE LOM’s Rescue Mask.

Jet-setting Necessity

Whenever I fly, I absolutely must bring Dr. Haruschka’s Moor Lavender Body Oil. The lavender aroma helps me relax and fall asleep.

Foreign Beauty Find

My best beauty foreign beauty find is Ipsa from Japan. I love the make-up and beauty line for my Asian complexion.

Shine Control

My daily beauty routine doesn’t include anything out of the ordinary per se, but I definitely carry around Tatcha blotting papers with me at all times during the summer. They really help me control my combination skin.

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