All About Agave

In 1519, Hernán Cortés landed on the pristine shores of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. The infamous conquistador was on the hunt for gold and mineral riches. What he discovered was an enchanted new world full of natural resources, a complex civilization (the Mayans), and a sweet and intoxicating elixir known as pulque. An ancient precursor to modern-day tequila, pulque was made from fermented agave, a plant Mesoamerican cultures commonly referred to as the "nectar of the gods.”

Today, agave not only plays a leading role in many a Spring Break, it’s also the star ingredient in this heavenly hair serum. (Spoiler Alert! Some of our lucky Birchbox subscribers will receive a sample of this hair wonder in their February Birchboxes.)

Full disclosure: I first became acquainted with agave my freshman year of college during a trip to the Spring Break paragon of Cancun, Mexico. It was exactly as you’d imagine: endless indulgence and endless hangovers. Since then, the sweet nectar and I haven’t really been on speaking terms. But this hair oil is making me rethink my antiagave stance—at least when it comes to taming my frizz-prone, superfine locks.

Unlike most hair oils, which I find a little too liquid-y, Agave’s healing Oil Treatment has a thick, syrupy consistency that sinks into frayed strands without feeling heavy. Beyond the hydrating agave, it’s packed with conditioning ingredients like vanilla, coconut, and baobab seed oil to keep hair soft and sleek. What it’s not packed with: damaging parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Plus, the tropical scent is like a beach vacation in a bottle.

Conclusion: this is an agave buzz I can definitely get down with.

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