All Your Burning Acne Questions, Answered

Don’t you wish you could have a dermatologist on call 24/7 to respond to all of your acne emergencies? Since we couldn’t arrange that, we did the next best thing: Host a live Twitter chat with the acne experts at DDF. The derm-founded skincare line offers clinical-grade products that target pimples, blackheads, and beyond (no prescription necessary). Here’s what we learned from their acne pros in response to your questions:

Q: Any tips on keeping skin moisturized while using acne treatments?
A: Apply moisturizer day and night after acne treatment. If still dry, apply treatment every other day.

Q: At 41, I'm all of a sudden having problems with blackheads. What can I do?
A: As you age your skin may change, not always for the best. Get rid of unwelcome blackheads by exfoliating and using products with salicylic acid.

Q: Is it OK to gently exfoliate acne? My topical acne meds are leaving my face flaky and dry, even though I have oily skin.
A: Even if you have acne you can still exfoliate. Reduce the number of times you apply acne medication and moisturize every other day.

Q: I've been dealing with acne since I was 12. Are there any foods specifically linked with acne?
A: Changing your diet can help improve your skin. Eat a colorful diet that's high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and drink lots of water. Eliminating specific foods may just as helpful. Spicy food can be a trigger, but you should monitor your diet to see what might trigger acne for you.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
A: DDF Skincare’s Brightening Cleanser helps with scars! You can watch a video about how it works here.

Q: How does the Revolve 500X Micro-Polishing System compare to other facial brush tools?
A: We think it's best for deep cleaning and microdermabrasion!

Want to learn more tips? See the entire chat here.

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