Are Mermaids the New Vampires?

Every few years, it seems like a different mythical creature takes pop culture by storm. First, it was J.K. Rowling’s witches and wizards; next it was Twilight’s lovelorn vampires. Now, we think it’s safe to say that mermaids, those mythical undersea creatures, are next in line.

Our trend sensors initially sparked when Anna Kendrick appeared as Disney’s Ariel when she hosted SNL this spring. Next, we raised an eyebrow at the announcement of Sofia Coppola’s forthcoming live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, which promises to follow the original Hans Christian Anderson tale (a much darker cousin to Disney’s story). Since then, we couldn’t help but notice the half-woman, half-fish popping up everywhere from our favorite fashion magazines to the red-wigged window displays at H&M.

What is it about mermaids? “Their underwater world is fascinating because it is so close to our own—just out of reach, yet somehow possible,” says Lyndsay Johnson, author Fire of the Sea, a new YA novel that follows one mermaid’s struggle against her own inherent magic. We, too, are so intrigued by the legend—with her angelic voice, iridescent tail, and made-in-the-sea waves—that we’ve dedicated our next limited edition box to her charms. With exclusive RUFFIAN polishes, Vasanti’s Electric Navy eye pencil, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Lash Genius Waterproof Top Coat, and much, much more, our Modern Mermaid Box (available today) has everything you need to channel your inner queen of the seas.

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