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Ask Us Anything About: Haircare!

Welcome back to the second edition of our Ask Us Anything series, where we answer burning questions from our Facebook fans. This month’s topic is haircare—and you had loads of questions for us about dry hair, oily hair, and everything in between. Keep reading for answers to three of the most common questions.


Q: What are some styles or techniques I could do on wet hair that would mean pretty curls or waves when it dries?


A: There are many options for creating curls and waves without heat styling (and your hair will thank you). Our personal favorite is a technique our co-founder Katia taught us, which is so easy anyone can do it. (Watch her tutorial here.) Another old-school option is rag curls. First, you’ll need 12”x1” strips of cloth from an old T-shirt or pillowcase. Taking small sections of hair, place the center of the rag around the ends of your hair and roll hair up to your roots. Tie off the rag to hold your curls in place and let them dry completely. Remove the rags, gently finger comb, and set with hair spray, like this one from Serge Normant.

If you do need to use heat styling, make sure you’re using a heat protectant or serum. We’re loving Macadamia Natural Oil’s Healing Oil Spray, which absorbs quickly and restores moisture to dry or damaged hair with its combination of macadamia and argan oils.


Q: I don’t want to wash my hair every day, but I’ve tried dry shampoos to no avail. Am I putting it in wrong?


A: Different dry shampoos do different things. Powder types mainly function to soak up oil in your hair. Sprays, like the Meta Revive Dry Shampoo from Serge Normant, deposit powder to soak up oil as well. Texturizing spray variations like this one from Oribe, on the other hand, give flat hair lift and volume, but don’t necessarily make greasy hair look (or feel) clean. But they’re great for styling flat hair and giving clean, silky hair a little more texture to hold updos.

Now on to the technique: Start back near the crown of your head, which generally needs the most help. Spray or add powder to roots in sections, lifting the top layers of hair up to get coverage all over. Massage your roots to work in any visible powder and give your roots a little volume. Watch celebrity stylist Oscar Blandi’s Technique for applying dry shampoo in this video.


Q: My ends are severely damaged. I use deep conditioners, masks, oils, and leave-in conditioner, then let my hair air-dry, but my ends are still straw-like. What can I do?


A: This is a tough one. On paper you’re doing everything right, yet your hair is still betraying you. Start by checking out your products’ ingredient lists—no-nos include sulfates, which can strip hair of moisture. Look for natural hydrators instead like argan oil, macadamia oil, and shea butter. Next, ask your stylist for a deep conditioning treatment the next time you have an appointment. This should help seal in moisture more permanently than your at-home conditioners and masks.

Finally, you may need to consider that there are other factors at work here. Diet and stress both play a large role in your hair health. If you think either might be a factor, speak to a nutritionist or a trichologist—similar to a dermatologist (without the med school) but for hair and scalp health. They can help diagnose the problem and offer suggestions of lifestyle changes to improve your hair.

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