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Leadership · April 16, 2018

What Your Sign Says About Your Leadership Style (+ Which Trailblazing Woman Exemplifies It)

One more thing to note: every sign of the zodiac falls into one of three categories (called a modality) depending on whether it occurs at the beginning, middle, or end of a weather season. Weve listed the modalities below, since they offer extra insights about the role you might best serve in the context of a group goal. Cardinal signs are the starters, most likely to brainstorm a new concept to get off the ground. Fixed signs are the builders, adept with the procedural details that bring a vision to life. Mutable signs are all about the final stages of the project, adapting it as necessary to shift it into its ideal form.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) - Cardinal

As a feisty and assertive fire sign, youre the first one to launch a bold proposal or kick off a new project that most people might be scared to start (whether you get around to completing it is another story). Youre most skilled at leading the charge with a fearless attitude and stirring others to mobilize into action and follow along behind you. Take your cues from professional race car driver Danica Patrick, the first and only female to win a race in the prestigious IndyCar series. Patrick is considered a trailblazer for women in an industry that's traditionally male-dominatednot to mention one that's fast and furious, requiring some serious guts. You, too, are likely to take initiative towards an ambitious goal, and youll go at it solo if necessary, guided by your own competitive streak and warrior-like mindset. Just be sure to give others a chance to catch up to your intrepid speed so you can fight your shared battles together, and remember that you dont always have to be on the offensive. Learn what works to cool your hot temper in moments when a slow and thoughtful approach might be best for the rest of the group.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - Fixed

Grounded, warm, and strong-willed sans ego, youre a steady and reliable leader, likely to serve as coach and confidante to those on your shared mission. Less of an ideas person and more of an operationally-minded and practical type, you love a clear to-do list, and your stability provides a solid foundation for everyones success. Fellow bull sign Gabourey Sidibe exemplifies this combo of down-to-earth energy and steely drive that best serves a Taurus goals. Theres no doubt her Taurean stubborn streak helped to carry her to stardom as the breakout lead in the 2009 film Precious, and her humble confidence now makes her a role model for many, whether shes speaking up about body image and bullying or the black womans experience. Your own gentle tenaciousness can be a strengthyoull stick it out when others are ready to throw in the towel and kindly encourage them to do the same. But, be wary of remaining committed on principle alone to something thats not working. And, like Sidibe, whose Twitter bio reads, I adopted a cat and now I go to bed at 8:30 p.m., know that your appreciation for lifes tangible pleasures is what the hard works all for.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - Mutable

Youre a natural conversationalist and an extroverted wielder of words, though your chatty nature stems from a contemplative inner curiosity. Youre much more of a team player than a commanding authorityyou're often the approachable positive influence who others may turn to for hashing out their questions and challenges. In classic Gemini form, actress Laverne Cox has become a paragon of trans activism by embracing a visible and vocal public role. She always has a handful of projects in process, but she describes herself ultimately as a storytellerimagining different ways to tell transgender stories and transforming how we think and talk about the human rights cause. You, too, thrive in environments that serve your brainy and expressive personality. However, your tendency towards being slightly scattered might prove too erratic for others to track, and people may sense if your energy is dispersed rather than fully focused on the group goal at hand. Though its hard to resist your inquisitive bent, try not to take on too much at once, or at least make sure youre clear on the common thread that ties your diversified interests and ventures together.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) - Cardinal

More than any other sign, you lead with the heart, just like fellow Cancer Malala Yousafzai. Shes the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Prize as an activist for girls' educationa mission that began in her home country of Pakistan but has since sparked an international movement. Similarly you have a tender care for those in your close-knit community and can inspire more widespread change. You guide others by nurturing them with warmth, empathy, and maternal instincts, fostering a supportive environment for collective growth. And if you take up a cause that tugs at your heartstrings, youre bound to make waves that will work to mend the emotional challenges and traumas of those around you. Like the crab that represents your sign, though, you may feel the need to hide behind a tough outer shell to protect yourself from personal pain. Remember that youll reinforce your resilience (and your ability to uplift others) only by embodying your full capacity for deep feeling, even when it makes you vulnerable. Youre not meant to fit the common mold of steely, stoic forceyour softness is your strength.

LEO (July 23-August 22) - Fixed

Charisma is the key strategy for a Leo leader. You likely feel your best in the spotlight, where your fiery and fun-loving personality shines, and its that radiant individuality that enables your influence. Cara Delevingne makes a good muse as a classic lioness incarnatewith bold brows and a blazing personality to boot, she has shifted from supermodel to role model, serving as a spokesperson for female leadership, mental health advocacy, and more, with a devoted base of admirers following her every move. Like Delevingne, you possess a commanding presence, and a cheeky perspective is your birthright. You can use your loud roar to raise awareness for a larger societal mission and celebrate your sense of self as the driver behind whatever goals youre pursuing, magnetizing those around you to join in your playful but passionate spirit. Just make sure you allow them a chance to speak up, too, and dont grip so tightly to your need for individual identity and recognition that youre unable to see when youre steering your crew in an imprudent direction.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) - Mutable

A lover of structure and systems, you keep the gears of an organization turning smoothly and consistently, and those around you can always count on your sheer drive. Think like Beyonc Knowles, whose tireless commitment to the grind and dedicated hours of rehearsal could be what catapulted her from lead singer of Destinys Child to a world-dominating solo act. While most Virgos are likely more wary of taking center stage (that might be Beyoncs alleged Leo ascendant shining through), theres a lot you have in common with this leading lady, like a flair for perfectionism and an unmatched work ethic. But all of this is based in a desire to serve the greater good, which is important to remember when working with a team. Know that most people arent capable of meeting the perfectionist standards you set for yourself, and allow a bit more flexibility to welcome those who might not possess your unique sort of determination or skill with nitty-gritty details. Particularly in a business context, let people know what kind of performance objectives you expect from them and outline the specific steps to meet those targets.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) - Cardinal

The sign of the scales is most motivated by the values of balance and justice. Naturally diplomatic, you tend to cultivate a sense of harmony among a larger group, and your creative edge serves you well as a way of connecting and uplifting your community. YouTube comedienne Lilly Singh, a self-described one lover and unicorn (so Libra!), offers inspiration. With more than 12 million subscribers, her channel called IISuperwomanII features her inventive interpretations of relatable themes while also riffing on stereotypes around race, ethnicity, and gender. In Libra-like fashion, she uses her stardom to boost lesser-heard voices, whether battling girl-on-girl hate via the #GirlLove social media campaign she launched or moonlighting as UNICEFs Global Goodwill Ambassador. You, too, lead with intentions of fairness for all and are likely to take an empowering democratic approach to keep the peace in group scenarios. Just be sure your craving for total accord doesnt turn you into a people-pleaser and your concern with perfect neutrality doesnt trap you in indecision. Sometimes, some tough and upfront conversations are necessary for progress.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) - Fixed

Famously ambitious and commanding, fashion icon Anna Wintour exemplifies a Scorpio leaders magnetic intensity, often inciting a mix of fear and reverence that has prompted her reputed devil in Prada" persona. As a fellow Scorpio sign (complete with a formidable stinger), your own demanding and determined passion goes hand in hand with a deep and probing intuition, even veering towards the mystical, and its this potent blend that fuels your adeptness at driving communal transformation. Though youre an emotionally-astute water sign, you tend to stay cool under pressure and keep your complex inner world private. Just like Wintour, who might seem frosty from a distance, you do your best work with a team of other intense ambitious types who dont need too much coddling. (In fact, Wintour says she looks to hire strong personalities who dont shy away from debate). Just be cautious of your inclination towards harsh criticism in cases when a warmer approach might facilitate more favorable communication, and recognize when your appetite for power and control might be tilting you towards manipulative tactics.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) - Mutable

An unequivocally adventurous spirit gives a Sagittarius leader her edge, affording her a feisty influence thats capable of bridging diverse cultures and perspectives. Like sharp-witted comedienne and producer Sarah Silverman, this charming, outspoken, and lively sign often broaches controversial subjects with a humorous flair, all for the sake of expanding her own understanding of the wider world and passing what she's learned along to others. People are probably attracted to your spunk and impassioned curiosityyou take them along for the wild ride as the natural guide for any intercontinental journey or more philosophical quest towards the unknown. You may bring out everyones more intrepid side with your open and enthusiastic attitude, but just beware of burning people out with your brash and sometimes impatient disposition, which can swerve into moody sensitivity. You crave independence and might find yourself frustrated with others who dont have equal energy reserves, so try your best to honor each persons pace, and motivate by way of your inherent optimism.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) - Cardinal

You might just be the zodiacs most natural fit for a traditional leadership role, thanks to the patience, discipline, and ambition embodied in the symbol of the sea goat that knows its meant to scale to the summit of any mountain in its path. You truly feel and function your best with hard work and responsibility piled on your plate, and you approach all of your leadership roles with easeful authority. Employees or followers can trust your consistent professionalism without the complications of over-emotionality, and they can bank on you being the last one left at the office when all the rest head home. Like your partner in Capricorn grit and grace, Michelle Obama, you garner the respect of those around you just by realizing your role as an industrious go-getter, and urging those around you to step up to the plate to get the job done. Your strength is also your weakness, howeverif you grip too tight to aspirations for wealth and prestige, you might find yourself slipping into excessively domineering tendencies or simply expecting more of fellow team members than is reasonable. Loosen up as needed, and lead by example rather than force.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) - Fixed

As an Aquarian, you at once prize your personal freedom and harbor a fervent commitment to the well-being of the greater collective, thanks to your natural insights into humanitys future (which you grasp far before the rest of us catch on). An intellectual maverick, you effortlessly create and embrace fresh perspectives, quirky concepts, and modern technologies, not unlike water bearer Oprah Winfrey, a philanthropist, guru, and trailblazing visionary in true Aquarian style. Show your weird and wacky side, knowing others might not understand your out-there ideas right at the startyour stubborn edge gives you staying power. You might be drawn to freelance work or other independence-oriented occupations that allow you the space to make your own rules, but dont neglect your need for communityyoull make your strongest mark through collaboration, so honor your need for freedom while aiming towards collective liberation. You may also want to keep in mind that your cool-headed distance can come off as cold or uncaring, so keep the lines of communication open when you do step away from the rest of the group.

PISCES (February 19-March 20) - Mutable

This gentle, dreamy sign might not be the most obvious fit for a standard role as head honcho, but your sensitive soul is your greatest gift. Like the symbol of the fishes, you float easily from solid reality to fluid introspection, and you flow through the darker, deeper realms of the human experience with agility. You can pick up on the waves of emotion that others might be feeling at any moment, so that allows you to lead with a gentle and accommodating touch. Just dont get stuck in your own private dreamscape or sucked into the depths of other peoples strugglesto manage yourself and others successfully, set some strict parameters around your personal needs. Try modeling your approach after Arianna Huffington, whose vision of success is based on Pisces-perfect values of well-being, wisdom, and wonder. Whether as the prior editor-in-chief of her eponymous online publication or as a champion for the importance of sleep (the stuff of dreams, of course) through her start-up called Thrive Global, shes known for guiding with emotional empathy while also honoring her own boundaries, whether with her tech devices or with her team.


Alexis Bridenbaugh