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How-To · June 23, 2015

BB Man Test Drive: Ten One Design Mountie

Secondary Display

This may not be the most obvious use case, but I put it on top because it will straight-up change your life. I used the Duet app to turn my iPad into a secondary laptop display, which let me drag any window or video from my desktop right to the tablet. When paired with the Mountie, it was a surprisingly good substitute for the monitor I always wanted (but couldn't really justify).


While I FaceTime on my phone for the better image quality, I often find myself using a laptop as a makeshift kickstand, in order to keep the screen upright. In this case, the Mountie was a natural upgrade, securing my iPad Mini in prime position without impeding my laptop screen.


Since I manage the Birchbox Man Tumblr, having a steady feed at my fingertips (literally) made reblogging a seamless process. The revelation here is that the Mountie is not a specialist: Even when you don't require a second screen, having one can still be usefulTumblr, Twitter, Stocks, and Flipboard are all handy workday companions.

Video Streaming

This worked surprisingly well with a tablet in landscape orientation (even an iPad 2, which is supposedly too heavy for the Mountie). If your surroundings allow you to watch without shame, the functionality's flawless. That said, hiding your distraction is much more difficult, so you probably don't want to use it to sneak in the game at work.


I myself find it hard to multitask while reading, and this experiment didn't change that. However, if you're wont to scroll through a book while browsing the web, the Mountie will perform just as well as it does with video. Again, just make sure you're not caught reading something you shouldn't.


Nathaniel Nagy

Copywriter, cold brew advocate, purveyor of handcrafted birthday haikus since 2009.