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Beards · March 13, 2015

How to Employ Your Beard to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Embrace Products

If you have a longer beard, itll look fuller and tidier (especially in photos) if you use products and blow dryer. Apply beard balm while your beard is still damp, then blow dry it, Bandholz says. After the beard is dry, use the blow dryer on a low setting to blow the beard down and into its final resting place.

Know Your Lighting

Bandholz recommends playing around with lighting to highlight the best attributes of your beard. Ive found that top lighting works the best, he says.

Get Creative

Guys placing flowers in their beards was a big meme last year, and other trends are emerging. Weve seen posts featuring dudes with beards made out of Legos and facial hair dyed in bright hues. Own the beard, Bandholz says. And dont show any doubt that its not a standard thing for you.

Make Sure Its Actually a Good Photo

The key is to be very selective with your photography and only post content that is engaging and quality, Bandholz says. It can still be a selfie, but you've got to know how to get good lighting, good angles, and good facial expressions. And then, of course, you have to be active on the platform, using hashtags and connecting with other beard posters. If you have high-quality photos, feel free to share them with larger accounts like Beardbrands, he says. They could help share them for you."

Photos, clockwise from bottom left: @philippjelenska, @lanedorsey, and @dgray76dc