Beauty Breakthroughs

Somewhere along the line, ‘beauty’ got a reputation for being a bit frivolous. We can’t deny that there are more important things in life than appearances but our favorite brands are more science geek than class clown. We asked a few of these remarkable brands to tell us about their latest beauty breakthroughs and how these advancements are taking products to the next level.

Chiral Technology; Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals

Packing skincare products full of beneficial ingredients makes sense in theory, but what if those ingredients aren’t being fully absorbed into the skin? Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals is one of very few companies using technology to improve ingredient apsorption at a molecular level.

“In a nutshell, Chiral Technology is the process in which selected ingredient molecules are purified and separated in the lab. We then select only the side of the ingredient molecule that fits the body cell receptor. These (chirally corrected) ingredient molecules can now form perfect bonds with the body cell receptors allowing for the full absorption of those ingredients benefits.” Michael Wolfgeher, Founder and CEO of Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals

Cell Protection Protein (CCP); LIFTLAB

Anti-aging claims are a dime a dozen in skincare, but it’s not often that we discover new ingredients that are proven effective. LIFTLAB is pioneering the use of a new skincare ingredient found in the unlikeliest place: arctic fish.

“I first heard about this unique protein in 1992. An article in the New York Times described how CPPs are produced by arctic fish to protect themselves from freezing. Frankly, we were surprised at the power and versatility of these proteins. We learned that CPPs allowed cells, tissues and organs to maintain optimal protein, moisture and chemical balances under a variety of adverse conditions, and even protected against the outward signs of UV damage. Furthermore, CPPs allowed skin cells to increase their production of other proteins that both protect against harmful conditions and allow skin to regenerate. This is when I realized that CCP would make an ideal skincare ingredient.” Elliot Entis, Founder of The LIFTLAB – Skin Regeneration

Tubing Polymers; blinc

We can’t live without mascara but the smudges and flakes hardly seem worth it. Thirteen years ago, blinc introduced a polymer-based mascara that ensures that mascara stays on our lashes and comes off only when we want it to.

“Traditional mascaras are primarily oil-based paints with undesirable performance properties such as smudging, flaking, running, and difficulty of removal. In creating blinc mascara, we introduced copolymer technology to coat lashes, versus painting them. In addition to eliminating undesirable performance properties, ‘tubing your lashes’ provides the consumer with controlled removability." Lewis E. Farsedakis, CEO of blinc

Powder Exfoliator; FIX Malibu

Traveling today means leaving our favorite products at home or transferring them to small containers anytime we have to board a plane. FIX Malibu created powder exfoliators that won’t irritate your skin — or the TSA.

“Many dry cleansers have gritty or granular formulations, and this goes against my philosophy that you shouldn't traumatize the skin so much when you exfoliate. Gentle exfoliation removes just the surface cells that need to come off, and doesn't go any further. It allows products to penetrate better without "beating up" the skin, so skin isn't raw and red and irritated afterward. Wish Wash is a pore-extracting cleanser with a very effective active ingredient (salicylic acid), formulated with the gentlest powder exfoliant (microcrystalline cellulose) that still achieves a nice mechanical exfoliation. This formulation lets the product do all the work, without any need for scrubbing on the user's part. “ Rebecca Giles, Founder of FIX Malibu

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