Beauty Dare: Fake Lashes

This eye-opener isn’t just for costume parties and celebs

Put down that eyelash curler and lengthening mascara. We have a better way to get a wide-eyed look. New York-based makeup artist and self-professed lash junkie Emily Kate Warren gives us her foolproof tips to false lashes. Follow these steps and you can be Brigitte Bardot for a day.


Strips of false lashes (Ardell makes the best lashes; start with strips, which are easy to manage); Ardell Black Duo Lash Glue; black cream eyeliner; Q-Tips.

Applying Lashes

Apply any eyeshadow before the lashes – you don’t want to have it all fall down on top of your nice black lashes!

Measure out the length: put a clean strip up to your eye and trim any excess that doesn’t fit or is uncomfortable.

Squirt a small dot of glue on the back of your hand. Let it dry for about 20 seconds. As it dries and becomes tackier it’s easier to work with. Use a Q-Tip to pick up a bit of the glue and very lightly glide the glue along the band of the lashes.

Position the strips against your lash line. Look down but don’t close your eyes (closing them will give your lids a wrinkly/crepe-y texture that doesn’t let lashes lie flat against your skin) – keep your chin up and look down your nose into a mirror. There is a slight tuck that the lashes can grip onto so I like to press the eyelid down to meet the lash strip.

Allow lashes to dry at least five minutes and apply mascara, which helps conceal the fakes. Then, use a tiny brush and black cream liner to hide the lash band.

Emily Kate Warren’s Inside Tip

Clip your lash strips to half-length (literally snip them in half) and then apply the "inner eye half" starting at the center of the eye - you'll end up with false lashes only on the outer half of your eye and it's incredibly eye-opening and natural.

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