Beauty Dare: Hair Teasing

It’s time to rescue teasing from the province of beauty queens and the Jersey Shore. This much-maligned technique, also called “back combing,” is the best way to give hair volume and texture. Master this and you’re on your way to pumped up ponytails and sexy chignons.


A teasing brush, which has short, stiff bristles that grab onto hair easily, a hair tie and a handful of hair clips.


Start with dry, untangled hair. Lift up the top layer of hair and clip the bottom section out of the way. Divide the crown into manageable sections (the number will depend on thickness).
Lift one section straight into the air and use the teasing brush to comb from top to bottom in short, firm strokes. Repeat until the entire crown is teased.
Gently smooth over the top of hair with the teasing brush. Then, pull the magically volumized hair into a ponytail, bun, or braid. Spritz with shine spray for good measure.

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