Beauty Dare: Red Lips

Crimson lips are something we’ve always left to downtown waifs and towering editrixes. But Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen, assures us that anyone – anyone! – can rock red. The Australian beauty guru has converted thousands to lipstick with her flattering, wearable shades. If anyone can turn us to the red side, it’s her.

Think casual

Wear it with jeans, simple hair, and little jewelry. King says, “The thing that stops most women from wearing red lipstick is that they think of it as something that you need to dress up for.”

Pick your poison

If you want to go straight to the deep end then opt for matte red. For baby steps, try a red gloss.

Not all reds are created equal

King’s tips: “If you have fairer skin and hair, orange-based reds will suit you better; for darker skin and hair, go toward pink-based reds.”

Let the lips take center stage

Don’t punch up your makeup to match your lips. “I think red looks best with minimal eye makeup,” King says, “Lay off any competing bright colors...unless of course you are Lady GaGa.”

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