Petal Master: Beauty in Action

Jennifer McGarigle is the go-to floral designer for A-listers, Hollywood insiders, and chi-chi event planners. The founder of Floral Art, McGarigle is known for her unique, museum-worthy pieces (witness a tongue-in-cheek arrangement of velvety succulents emerging from the top of a ceramic bust vase) that take inspiration from fashion, design, and architecture. Despite a crazed schedule, she manages to look breezy gorgeous at all times — even her hard-working hands! We got her best tips.

I use sliced lemons to clean my hands, and Shea butter lotion for moisturizing.

Working on events isn’t glamorous, no matter how extravagant the party is, which is why I keep hair, makeup, and clothing as simple as possible.

I don’t wear perfume on a daily basis but I like Miller et Bertaux’s Shanti Shanti. It’s a beautiful, earthy rose with some spice to it. I also love Strange Invisible’s Heroine, which has a rich, musky scent.

My greatest beauty secret is my facialist Rita Csizmadia of Rita's Skin Institute in Santa Monica. I have been seeing Rita for 20 years and she is beyond amazing. She keeps my skin looking clean, fresh, and hydrated.

Rita tests out all her products before suggesting them to clients so I trust her. She has me using the Murad Clarifying Cleanser and Hydrating Toner, as well as SkinMedica Dermal Repair Moisturizer.

I use sliced lemons to clean my hands, and shea butter lotion for moisturizing. I am obsessed with L'Occitane Vineyard Rose Shea Butter Tin. They have other fantastic scents as well but the Rose smells lovely and isn't too overwhelming.

My favorite indulgences are bubble baths. I love everything from DayNa Decker, including the bubble bath, body lotion, and room spray. We have been selling her products for years and can barely keep them on the shelves.

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